IMG_0020_ADewan & Associates, PLLC offers legal counsel in all immigration matters for clients from over 100 countries. Our practice has grown to include multinational IT corporations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, architectural firms, garment and textile manufacturers and importers, financial brokerage companies, accounting firms, hotels, jewelry manufacturers, insurance and maritime consulting firms, hedge funds and private equity funds, fast food chains, printing, and trading companies.

At Dewan & Associates we place the interests of our clients above all else. When we represent a client, we do so zealously. Our attorneys and staff work tirelessly through nights, weekends and holidays, if it means a successful outcome for our clients. Throughout our history of zealous representation, we have earned our clients’ trust and loyalty. Our clients know that their case, no matter how simple or complex it may be, will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our attorneys and counsel bring over 200 years’ experience to the table—experience that we use to better understand your business’ unique needs, saving you time and money. When you place your trust in Dewan & Associates, you can rest assured that the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years saves you time and money. We know and understand your industry and are up-to-date with your industry’s latest trends. Our team works closely and effectively to ensure that you will always receive the quality of representation that exceeds your expectations.

We understand that in these present economic times few businesses can operate optimally without constantly managing their bottom line. We unflaggingly champion for our clients because we understand that efficiency in managing legal costs is a priority for all successful businesses. This is why we continuously strive to protect and serve our clients’ interests by getting to know their industries, businesses, goals, and competitors. Our highly skilled team of attorneys and counsel stay abreast with every facet of immigration law and compliance as it evolves, allowing us to always safeguard our clients’ best interests.

Our Values

Our values are the driving force at Dewan & Associates. Every employee is dedicated and commits his or her expertise, network, and experience to get the job done for our clients, effectively, efficiently, and with the results and integrity that our clients have come to expect from us. When you work with Dewan & Associates, you work with a loyal team, devoted to getting you the results you need to succeed.

Our Culture

Dewan & Associates is a boutique immigration law firm where we all share a set of values and beliefs that govern who we are and how we operate. We have nurtured these values since our inception in 1997.

Our shared values of loyalty, honesty, integrity, and adherence to moral and ethical principles shapes who we are and how we work together as a team—within our office, and with our clients. We see our clients as an extension to our team. We do not treat our clients as outsiders, but instead consider our clients a vital part of our operations. We find it is this level of inclusion coupled with our values that is the foundation of a sound business relationship.


Dewan & Associates stands firmly in the belief that workplace diversity is a vital part of the American workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created in 1965 to open the door for women and minorities to find better employment opportunities in America’s workplace. We recognize that we live in a global world with global citizens. Cultural multiplicity, ethnic diversity and multiple viewpoints bring vibrancy to our workplace, fostering camaraderie and a humanitarianism spirit that shapes our employees to be better global citizens of tomorrow.

Rights, Community and a Commitment to Pro Bono

Dewan & Associates is committed to social activism and supporting various human rights and women’s rights causes and organizations. We work closely for organizations for battered South Asian women. In legal clinics, we have counseled abused women on immigration matters, frequently filing self-petitions under the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA).

The firm is supportive of the work of the non-profit human rights law group, Human Rights Advocates International (HRAI). The law group has been associated with the United Nations as an NGO for more than 2 decades.